"I never thought I could get this far in such a short time." Qamar Azad.
When I was 34 years old, as a father of two daughters, 3 and 10 years old, I never thought we could return to Pakistan with my family, where I was born. As a family, we knew that İstanbul was a big and difficult city and we realized that the daily life was getting more and more difficult.

The Voluntary Return Program, which I saw on the internet, caught my attention. Feeling the need to do something, to take action, I said that I wanted to get information by calling first. The official listened to me and made an appointment.

I got detailed information about the "Voluntary Return" program when I went to the counseling office at the appointment time. Later, with the questions they asked me, I filled out some forms to find out if we were a suitable family for the voluntary return program. We started the voluntary return process in a short time by keeping in constant contact.

Honestly, I never believed that this could get this far in such a short time. Voluntary Return officials had thought of everything for our return. The most important question that remained in my mind was "how will I meet the needs of my daughters when I return to my country?"

My consultant gave me the information about the subjects of returning such as Emergency health services, assistance to children and emergency shelter for families" and said that I could benefit from these opportunities. We returned to our homeland and live in the comfort of being able to build a future for my daughters with the job opportunities provided to me.

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