"I do my own job in my own country. This is enough for me." Mashal Amara
“I learned about the national assisted voluntary return thanks to a friend. For a long time, I was thinking and missing the lands where I was born and grew up. Since I came to Türkiye, there was always the idea of returning.''

However, some questions like "how will I do it", "will I be able to do it?", "How will I make a living when I return?" were always leaving me in a dilemma.

With courage, I went to meet the Voluntary Return counselors. They were very welcoming. It was obvious that they wanted to help me with everything they said.

I asked the authorities all the questions I had in mind sincerely.  They explained the importance of voluntary return and how the process will proceed in detail. They explained everything from organizing the departure at the airport to facilitating the control processes, to the support that can be provided to meet my needs after returning home.

We even exchanged opinions on what to do when I returned to my country. Now my spouse and I had the answers to all the questions we had in mind.

And now I'm back to Pakistan. I opened a carpet weaving and tailor shop with the support which was provided to me. I am so happy now.

"I do my own job in my own country. This is all I needed ."

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