The National Voluntary Return Mechanism is a program for migrants who intend to return to their countries.

We assist you in preparing the documents you need, including your transportation costs and reservations, during and after the return decision making process. After you returned, our consultants provide the necessary information and support you need to facilitate your education and career plans Its  our pleasure to assist you as well as many others who wish to return to their countries! We are here to support you in every step of your return process.


We know the questions might occur to you, while making decision to return. We are here to tell you everything you need to know and answer your questions. You can reach us at any time by clicking the contact button.


We have supported many people who wanted to voluntarily return to their homes. We are here to explain your rights and facilitate your return process. Once you received all the necessary information, you may think as much as you want and at any stage of the process. Your provided information is totally confidential.


Once you are sure that you have made your return decision, you can fill out the pre-registration form. We will support you to have all the documents you need for voluntary return.


Once your application is approved, we can decide on the travel date together. We will prepare the transportation documents and tickets you need during the return process. We will organize your transportation to your destination.


Once you have settled in your country, our consultants will be ready to support you in your career plans such as returning to education or starting your own business. By determining the most suitable conditions for you and your plans, special support is provided to you in the reintegration process.